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Ms Tilytinkle

hmm hubby humour

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Hello all,

Hope the sun was shining on your day, glorious weather here in the South East.

Today we were discussing names for our chickens, bless my hubby thinks naming our 3 girlies should be fun, that maybe there should a theme! Sounds good i thought - you know something which compliments, unites & affectionate. Wow i thought, he's really getting into this .. "something like . .well mine we could call 'Chasseur', yours could be 'Cajun' or 'Fajhita' & our teenage daughters could be called 'Kentucky' or 'Korma' Bless !!!!

Hmmmm needless to say we're still choosing names !!! :)

( no offence if anyone has named their chickens' after meals, i like old fashioned names for ours :)


Ms Tilytikka :wink:


PPPPPP(cube green)

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Gooooooood Morning All.

and what a lovely morning it is ...albeit a bit chilly!

Egluntine, i really must pay more attention in class - i hadn't noticed, infact i look at the pictures & never really read the word lists at the end of mail . .ah that'll be their names then next to piccies . .oooops

Brll, they really made me chuckle ... will you ever get a 'Kebab' or a 'Madras' . .or even a 'Chowmein' . . .or maybe just a plain old fashioned ' Tasty' you have much selection from the meal theme :)

Herbs & spices are nice too . . there are so many themes to be chosen...

I quite like the old fashioned names, my Mum would be horrified they're all names she thinks are awful :) . . Ada, Ida, Winnifred, Ethel, Elsie, Hilda, Nellie etc

Hmmm 'Aint "Ooops, word censored!"ody here'... ha define normal?!! Maybe i should have a theme based on nuts ;) . .Cashew, Pecan, Pine, Pistachio . . as i still think i must be nuts to have them . .but fingers crossed i adapt as easily; like a 'chicken to roost' . . or a 'chicken to wander' :)



Tee hee like the ex batts - duracell .. :D coppertop . .


Ms Tilypreparing


PS my hubby & daughter have decided they think 6 is a better idea!!!!! Huh i'm struggling to agree . ..maybe a compromise .. 4.

Is the cube run plus one extension big enough for 6 to be comfortable when they're not free ranging ? . .i think 4 would be far more comfortable but hey i knowa a nothing . yet .. . .plus i have motives ..like its a me who's going to be cleaning & clearing up after the feathered friends !! :) I'm the one who has to puff, squirt or do something rather unexpected to their vents!!!!


Tee heee by the way . .does my vent look big in this? :D

( are you really sure their bottoms are called vents?! ah is it because most definitely soon there'll be such an event from the vent) sorry .. its early!!! ish!


PPPPPP(cube green)

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We were naming our new additions yesterday too. We were looking at themes too and thought about herbs and spices and also girls names all ending in Y, Tlliy, Minnie etc then we decided to give them all names around a 'red' theme...weve already got a Ruby and have decided on Rosie, Poppy, Amber and Scarlet.


Our last three were named... Ruby, because she is very dark red. Dot, because she has feathers with the same patterns as Wyandottes. And Sam, well its a bit rude really, she was the first hen of ours to lay and I had a good friend of mine at secondary school called Samantha :oops:

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I think the nut theme would suit your hens perfectly ms T. :lol:


They say six hens in the basic cube and run.


I would go for 6 from the off as you are bound to want more, and if you get 6 from the off you wont have a second lot of pecking order nonsense to go through again.


An extension would just be the icing on the cake to a fab hen house.



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Ooh er I am bit slow Kim . . but how is Sam rude?? .. unless you mean Sam was your first lay too :D and if you meant nothing of the sort then i'm outta here!!!!



'Reds' a great theme . .. not only the pigments Crimson, Carmine but symbolically wow . .full of passion, fire, life .. ahem. . back to :oops: naughtiness, sexiness & love , ah then but then theres communisim, revolution, power & politics . .Mao Zedong .. the red sun ..

funnily enough always the devil , satan etc use imagery or red . . never see 'Divine Inspiration' shown in red . .always white but the naughty devil has red flames & such


Endless references . .me thinks youll run out of chooks before you run out of names . .although 'Infra' doesn't have the same powerful imagery :) nor 'Socialist' . .revolution sounds cool thought . .litle 'RedRevo'


Ms Tilydoubleentendres


PPPPPP(cube green):oops:

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Oh dear what a legacy to be remembered by . . the first one at school!!!!!!

So is that Sultry Sam, Silly Sam, Saucy Sam, . .er i guess it was Seduced Sam :D

tee hee & definitely not Shy Sam:D


Bless . .. hope her ears aren't burning somewhere as she suddenly has bizarre memories unexpectedly hurtle through her mind, thoughts of school :)


Ms Egluntine . . and breathe . . inhale & then long exhale . . :D


Poet - quite right to bring us right back on track . .how about Vermillion ,


and finally . . as Sams' antics laid to rest . .

you see i'm easily distracted . .but ha . .

it just has to be said . . i do get a bit waaaaaylaid :D



Ms Tilymischief



PPPPPP(cube green)

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oh Mrs Tilytinkle, I missed all these posts yesterday. I'm a bit worried - you don't even have chickens yet and you're exhibiting all the signs of Forum Addiction - getting the little dears might tip you over the edge! :wink:


I let my friend name my first two, and as she's a Wagner fan they ended up with the slightly ridiculous names of two of the Rhinemaiden. Then I adopted three who already had names, although as my friend pointed out there is still a musical theme!


The next two are going to be back to the Wagner theme I think.


PS Go for six. You know you want to.

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There have been Food themes, James Bond themes, Spice Girls, Herbs, Garden plants, Cheese, Designer wear, Wine, Organ stops!!!:shock: Jane Austen themes,....the possibilities are endless.


I am sure you will come up with something very amusing ms Tilyfledglingforumadict. :lol::lol:


In fact I can hardly wait!

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You've got to have a Mrs Bennet!! and a Lizzy I'm def gonna call one of my Ex batts Mrs Bennet (trying to rule the roost and find them all a rich man!) LOL


Mrs Tilytinkle is it? you crack me up so much! Its so fun to read all your posts you sound like my mum and I completely bonkers but then being normal is BORING! :lol::wink:


Hope all goes well with your Chickens, Please keep us posted I'm sure the rest of the Forum wants to see pictures of your Chooks! :D

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we definitely have a colour theme - ours are Ruby and Pumpkin because fo their colours and my husband (who is getting used to the experience of whenevr he asks what I am thinking about I tell him "chickens") was "amused" ( I think he said I should be sectioned in fact) as I said I was going to go to sleep thinking up red-themed names for the ex batts he has said we can get...am thinking Holly, Amber and Magenta ( Rocky Horror memories).... :D hey ho back to work now. I do love looking at this forum first thing - it cheers me for the day!

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OOoh its so hard to decide what to call them. We have a massalla. Unfortunatley tikka passed away :cry:

I let the kids name ours as it takes away the weighty responsibility of deciding what to call them.

My Jack Russell is called Oscar but we call him ozzy all the time. We got him pre Osbournes new found fame as he is nearly 9. We always say we should get a girl Jack Russell and call her Sharon!

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Hmmmm i think i am acquiring a reputation that doesn't fit, although the hat does.

Well, yes think its going to be 6 . .i am only naming two of them, hubby naming 2 & our teenage daughter naming 2.

Yes this forum i such a pleasure to read, mainly at the moment because it warms up the cold feet you see - or else i'd be on the old blower canceling :) Ones not quite sure ones cut out for all this squirting, puffing, cleaning, worming, miting & dusting & thats just me after i've come out of coop :) teee heeeeee


I think i have a theme, but i need to see them first before naming them

Ahem, i've just ordered 2 Light Sussex & 1 speckled . . with a request for the speckled to have feathery legs so i can giggle everytime i watch her. ( don't even ask!


Well must go, inbetween work


Ms Tilybehaving



PPPPPP(white chicken)(white chicken)(Bluebelle)(cube green)

( due date 6th March) :shock:

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