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food processor.... any recommendation? - rant

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I've had a kenwood food processor for a while, and it broke (the plastic handle cracked off the bowl)... this is the second bowl we've broken that way.... we've had two identical processors and replaced the first because DH liquidised some soup in it without tightening the seal first and the soup got into the motor unit....

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendation for a food processor with slightly more solid handles. Ours used to be quite still to slide off the base, and I think that's what wore off the handle over time... I like the compact kind, where the processor and liquidiser fit on the same narrow base, rather than the huge ones that take over the whole kitchen...

Any idea anyone??



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Now that was odd!!!! The amazon search on food processor, under brands, chosing Bosch, brought the following item :

Mobile phone brain radiation shield!!!!!


That counts as a bosch food processor??

Redfrock, is that the one you use?? :lol::lol::lol::wink:


Ah that explains it! I wondered why the food kept bouncing off it!

How strange :?


This is the one I have got: Bosch MCM5380 Food Processor. Seems amazon aren't stocking it any more :(

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I have a really old one that was has been handed down in the family... :oops:


I think it's a moulinex but it must be one of the original food processors ever made. The colour of it is a bit of an aquired taste, it's a kind of coffee brown similar to the colour of fudge.


But the actual quality of this thing is amazing compared to the modern rubbish. :lol:


My mum regrets giving it to me, she has had severel new ones since. And nothing has gone wrong with this one at all and I use it quite regularly, it still looks like new with no scratches and nothing missing or broken.


The layout is really well thought out as well, simple to use and very user friendly and the bowl is a really thick see through plastic with a study solid handle.

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This is the one I have got: Bosch MCM5380 Food Processor. Seems amazon aren't stocking it any more :(


The one I've chosen is a different make but similar in design... I wanted one that has a blender attachment too (sorry by the way, I had forgotten to say that in my original post :oops:, silly me), and my old kenwood one was great for that cause both the processor bowl and the blender fitted on the same small base... but as all the handles of blender and processor bowl cracked, I thought to try another brand this time...

Just took delivery of it today, it's a breville...

Thanks everyone for the advise... If the magimix had had a blender part I'd have gone for that one, it looks really neat!!

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Well that was just the wrong choice I think.... the processor doesn't seem to work at all.... the blade just goes slowly round, pushing the food around, not chopping anything at all, then finding it too hard and stops going at all!!!!


Oh curse.... why is nothing ever straightforward and easy.....

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Oh no - what a pain - send it back right away!


Do have a look HERE to see the ones that came out tops in the GHI tests. I always check to see what they think it bast & try to buy what they recommend. their tests are very comprehensive & they never recommned a product unless they really think its worth the money.


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I can recommend a cuisinart food processor from John Lewis. It's a really good mixer with a 20 year guarantee!


It's expensive compared with the mid-range kenwood and morphy richards machines but the price isn't too bad if you consider how many cheaper mixers you'd have to buy in that time.


The motor went on mine the other day after I had an air-head moment and fitted the beaters really badly, switched it on and walked away. :oops:


One call to the helpline and a courier was dispatched with a new one free of charge. Can't ask for more :D



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