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chicken fever

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been woken up by god damn chicken fever , curious disease that stops you sleepin. maybe it has something to do with the fact my cube and chucks should be arriving this morning, fingers crossed with the weather on the roads.anyway have seen on posts that peolple keep feed in bins so as you can keep it in the garden or wherever. this seems a good idea and will look to do so myself, question is people talk about the more expensive metal bins is there a reason for this or can a cheaper plastic one do the job. is it something to do with condensation? what do you use :?:

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Hello - We originally used plastic bins then swapped to metal. Firstly they do get nibbled through and secondly in the summer months the plastic ones sweat and we found some of our corn was 'sprouting'!

It is worth looking around re the bins as you can get some lovely cream and red enamel type ones (Oh dear I referred to a bin as lovely) - Can't remember where I saw them on line it may have been the Domestic wilf fowl trust site.

Reference the 'chicken fever' I am AFRAID it doesn't get any better - I am still like it almost a year on ! :lol:

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I luckily have a big kitchen, and I have a whole cupboard devoted to the chooks. I keep a 20kg bag of pellets and a bag of corn in the kitchen along with all their other bits and bobs. Hubbie isn't too impressed as when you open the cupboard you get knocked out by the powdered garlic smell but I've told him the solution....."don't open my chicken cupboard".


See chicken fever in my house too, husband thinks I've gone mad.

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