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16 in a Cube!

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Admittedly 6 of them are bantams, but it amazes me that they can all fit in. I do worry that the bantams, 4 of whom are tiny Sebrights, will get squashed or suffocated by the big girls - but so far so good. They all have access to the empty Eglu which sits next to the Cube - and which they only use for laying in at the moment - and I wondered if I should interfere with their sleeping arrangements and perhaps put the bantams in the Eglu. I thought I might put the Eglu on a table or bale of straw to raise it off the ground, in the hope that it might encourage some of them to sleep in there, my guess being that they prefer to be off the ground at night. Any thoughts anyone?

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I think that's a record (the most I've heard of anyway!) I love Sebrights, our local zoo has them freeranging.


Sorry, I had nineteen at one point (although 5 were bantams, two were chicks and the purebreeds and silky were teeny then). They did have other accomodation, but they liked being cosy. even now, most of them sleep together, in the nesting box. :roll:

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