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Feeding Grass safely and killing weeds

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Hi all


Wanted to know if anyone has found a safe grass food that can be used if chickens are free to roam in your garden? Apart from the obvious!!!


Also has any one found a weed killer that can be used on weeds that will not affect chickens? I'm not using anything just asking to find out if there is a safe solution.


Chickens only let out at weekends.


Many thanks

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Sorry....can't help...but I have noticed that if the hens are allowed access to the grass for just short periods, or if you have a big enough garden that you can rotate the areas that they roam in, they do a marvallous job of de-thatching the lawn and eating the weeds, and the lawn can look beautiful.


The trouble is they don't know when to stop. :?

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... ditto, I wasn't organic until I got the chickens, but I'm just too cautious to put anything down now that they might consume.


The only exception is that I use glyphosate on the brambles, I'm over-run with the cursed things :evil: and I only use it on high-up leaves where the chooks won't reach. Sorry I can't help! you could make chicken-poo 'soup' and water it in, that should make the grass grow. :wink:

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We've got a big garden so feeding the lawn is something we've never done - can't afford it. :?


As far as weed killing goes OH once used a blow torch!!!! :shock: Wouldn't recommend it cos he managed to set fire to one of our trees - we put it out quickly so not much damage other than too OH's ear after I'd bent it for a few days. :wall: (When our daughter was little every time she saw smoke she thought someone was having a BBQ - says a lot doesn't it :anxious: ).


I think your best bet is to just dig them up as you go. :(


Good luck. :)





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From reading various posts on this forum I'm beginning to think that we won't have any grass or plants worth worrying about when the girls arrive :shock:


I guess the only plus is we'll be saving a fortune in lawn food and weedkiller and won't need to find out which chemicals are chicken and pet safe.


I just haven't old my OH who spent all last year perfecting his lawn :wink:

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