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I second Christian's advice re rats, we got rat in our compost bin emptied it out and it took up residence in another one even though we had put chicken wire underneath it, so a strong mesh would be better.


We have got three 'darleks' of various sizes which we use in roatation, and they work pretty well. The contents don't get too wet and are kept warm which helps decomposition.


You need to put in layers of wet and dryer materials to get a good moisture balance, we add veg peelings, wood ash and the paper and poo from the chooks and occasionally some shredded paper or cardboard if it looking a bit wet.

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We have a darleck. Literally.

We ordered one from the council and did the blue peter thing on it.

The instructions for it at the time were on the B.P web site.

However it was quite hard to do as the plastic is so strong it was impossible to make holes in it for his whisk, sink plunger and his light bulb eyes!!

The kids ended up not helping much when hubby had to go in with the blow torch.


Here he is when finished



Looks alot worse for wear now as this is about 2 years ago.

He gets a lot of comments from visitors.

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You can also drill some holes in your dalek to help witht the process - I read it somewhere but I can't remember where.


I have a big wooden bin, 3 daleks, a tumbler, a hideous "wooden barrel" effect bin (freecycle!) and a water butt that leaks a bit at the top so no good for water!


And of course - not much is ready!

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