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Devonshire Traditional Breed Centre? Sussex?

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Has anyone purchased from the Devonshire Traditional Breed Centre. http://www.dtbcentre.co.uk.


If so please can you let me know what you thought etc.


Also I am looking at getting a Sussex and they are charging £13.50 for a 8 week old or £27 for a 18 week old is this a good price?


Also can anyone give me any advice on what they think of the Sussex as a breed?




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Just to let you know that our Sussex's are from DTB. We were very impressed with them and ours are still doing well 18months on.


Don't know which sort of Sussex you like but ours our lovely. They were a bit flighty at first but settled down once they started laying/got used to us.


Not sure whether the prices are good or not though as we didn't really shop around much.


Hope this helps - I've been told the cafe and garden centre are really nice there too! :D

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We went to look at the DTBCentre and were very impressed by everything (especially the tea shop) but thought the prices were amazingly high. We're getting our hybrids from a breeder just down the road from there. If you go to

www.organicpullets.co.uk/pulletsavailable.htm you can have a look. Ben was very friendly and helpful. Depends if you're happy to have hybrids. Only a couple of weeks now til ours arrive!! :D

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Im in Devon. We bought our cochins from the DTBC. They are known locally for being on the pricey side :roll:, our cochins at 13 weeks cost us £38 each :shock: . they always seem to have loads of people buying chooks there and the woman said they cant keep up with demand.....so they must be making a mint!! :shock:


However, they are beautiful chickens, and we havent had any illness with either of them (touch wood) so we were happy to pay the price for well bred chooks. :)


I will have a look around the various local breeders I have on my laptop and see if any have sussex.

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