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Ebay advice please

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I have been watching the bidding on an Eglu for sale in my part of the world. There has been no bids since 25th February :? The auction ends in 1 day and 5 hours.


Do you think the 3 bidders have given up :lol: I have never tried to get anything on ebay but I am very tempted to bid on this Eglu. The highest bid is £155. Do people stop bidding and then go for it in the last few minutes?


Hmm, I'm very tempted :D

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Put in a bid for the largest amont you are prepared to pay and then walk away.

The bid will only go up incrementally, so if no one else bids you wont pay your highest bid you'll just pay the next incremental rise (I hope this makes sense!!)

My experience of ebay however is that people tend to watch and bid right at the last minute - there are even computer programmes which do it for you!!


I saw this action too and couldn't understand why it was so low... Most of the ebay auctions that I've seen go for almost as much as a new one, and certainly the same price as a recon.

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Hi Alison,


As a seasoned pro on ebay, I can assure you that a lot of people will be watching this auction very closely. You will find that right at the end maybe 1-2 mins left, that people will suddenly start putting their bids in with the hope that time will run out before they can be out bidded. :)


The trick here is to decide in advance how much you are prepared to pay for the eglu. Then you can make a maximum bid for that amount now.


So say the bid at the moment is £155, then you can make a max bid of say £195 right now.


Now provided no one else has set a max bid above your max bid of £195, then you will have the highest bid.


So say for example out of all the people bidding for this eglu, between them they have a max bid of say £160 then your bid would come in automatically at the next bid above £160. Any one else bidding any higher, would again be automatically out bid by your max bid upto £195.


If no one bids above £195 then you win.


By setting a max bid in advance, it ensures that you do not get carried away and end up paying more than you wanted to.


But don't worry if you miss this one, as eglu's are up for sale on a regular basis. Also check out for eglus for sale on this forum.





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I agree with HasSumAmi.


It is so easy to get sucked in to the "Must win this auction at all costs" way of thinking.


Decide on the top figure you are prepared to pay and then wait.


Many people use one of these auction snipers to bid for them.


The advantage you have is that it is a long way for many to travel and so it will probably attract fewer bids for that reason alone. The same Eglu in the Home Counties would be attracting loads of bids.


Keep an eye on it...you might bag a bargain!

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I use an auction sniper occasionally - but I set the snipe and then stay away........... if it's meant to be mine it will happen :) I always place a bid in the normal way first - I hate to see a name suddenly appear as winner.


I did lose some curtains on a snipe once - someone else had set a higher snipe - I wouldn't have been able to do anything about it in the last few seconds.... apart from be stressed :?

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Another vote for the "decide in advance then walk away" approach here :) Admittedly I usually wait until an hour or two before the end - I tend to feel that if you place a bid earlier, you make the item seem more interesting and there's more of a chance you'll be outbid (but I might just be imagining that!). Anyway, once I've placed my maximum bid I am very firm with myself and don't bid again, even if I'm watching the auction.


For example, I've been looking for a medium-sized dog cage, for isolating broodies/sick chickens, but I wanted to buy secondhand to save money (and waste). I did a search and clicked the "Watch this item" on any that were the right size and either offering to post or were within collection distance, then bid on each in turn (I set my budget at £25, which is about half the price of a new one). I did lose the first one I bid on, as it went for £26, but I won the next and got a good-sized cage for just £19.99 :dance:


You can even use the new Bid Assistant program which works down a list of similar items for you and stops when it wins an auction - but I don't suppose there are ever enough eglus on ebay at one time for this to be possible!


Anyway, good luck with your bidding!

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Thanks for the advice :D


I am still undecided and actually do not need another Eglu, but I do like orange :D It would good next to my green Eglu. I told OH I would sell my red mark 1 if I got it (I have no intention of doing so :lol: )


I will have a look to see how the bidding is going tomorrow

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I would set a snipe with Auction Sniper,rather than an eBay bid.

This is a free (for the first few) service that sets to bid in the last few seconds for you,therefore decreasing the chances of someone outbidding you.


I eBay a lot & I now never bid.....I snipe!




I have never heard of this :oops: What a great idea :D Will use this the next time :D

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