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Had my fixed brace fitted onto by lower teeth yesterday, however I now have to eat with my removable brace in as otherwise I'll knock the front blocks off as I have an overbite...So I'm practically living on mushed foods-not fun, seeing that I like my food!


Anyone have some good soup recipes?

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Try mash with melted cheese and a few soft onions - its real comfort food.


I'll second that! It's delicious :lol:


Mash a pan full of boiled potatoes with butter/marg and little bit of milk then add a great big giant handful of grated cheese and keep mashing (it all melts in - yum). Then pour whole lot into the biggest pyrex dish you can find (other dishes are available) and top with more grated cheese and slap under the grill until golden brown. :lol:


You could add tiny bits of soft onion to the mash mix and also sliced tomato on the top before it goes under the grill are lovely too. And enjoy!


It's really nice heated in the microwave too the next day :lol:


Hope you are feeling more comfortable soon.



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Well it still hurts and the back blocks rub a lot, but we bought some bonjela and that's doing the trick and helps a lot!


Mind you am getting spoilt at the minute with lovely flavours of ice-cream, (G&B chocolate orange!) and am eating scrambled eggs for breakfast and soup for lunch. We're having quiche tonight and I should be ok on that, just as long as I don't eat the crusty bits!


It also gives me an excuse to drink hot chocolate too-that way I can dunk biscuits and be able to eat them! :lol:


Will try the mashed potato thing during the week-sounds nice, can you eat it cold? Need something to eat whilst at school.

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Sorry you are still not feeling great. If it becomes really sore and you end up with mouth ulcers I can recommend biocarbonate of soda - it stings like heck but really gets rid of them double quick.


Re the cheesy mash - I've just had some for tea - mmmmmm :lol: I would think you proabbly could eat it cold but don't know how nice it would be :roll: perhaps try a little bit before you take it into school just in case it's not that nice - otherwise you'll end up with no lunch!


Best Wishes

Jue x

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