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Skype - for KateA

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DH and I use skype when he travels far away... though my problem with it is that it keeps me to the laptop, whereas when I talk to him on the phone I can be anywhere in the house and move around, doing stuff and taking care of the kids as I talk...

I use Yahoo with friends too, and their voice function has improved a lot over the last two years, though webcams can be a problem, as I find I can either see my friend or he can see me, but with both webcams on at once the system gets overloaded and crashes...

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Thanks Louise,


I've been aware of Skype for a while now, but haven't really sat down and looked into it properly :oops: . I really must though, because I'm sure all these phone calls are costing me a fortune :shock:


I may be back later with questions for you Skype users out there :wink:

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Phil's got one, which he hardly uses, but Christian uses his all the time when Jason is away.


Tis true!


I won't tell you what our phone bill used to be :oops:


It's about £4 a month now!


(you can use skype to skype which is free, or use skype to a land line/mobile abroad which is charged. To give you an idea, a 1 hour call to a Canadian land line, cost me about 1 euro)

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I've heard of Skype but have never looked into it, although I have seen cordless VOIP (Voice over internet Protocol) phones for sale in Tesco's


I don't ring abroad much to be honest but I have used MSN video calling with my friends around the UK - and closer to home too (useful when advising on an outfit for a night out :D)

That's free and you get sound and vision.





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