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Measuring help or advice please

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Hello, I wonder if someone would be so kind as to measure their eglu run for me at the point where it comes out after joining onto the actual eglu.


I'm making a permanent area for them with log panel thingies and it needs to be tapered to fit where I want it which obviously should be fine as the eglu and run itself is tapered but of course there is slightly less room for error doing it this way I think. If I start with a 1m board at the back tapering to 1.8m at the front do you think it will work ok? Does anyone else have their permanent run tapered? I could go larger at the back, it would just mean customising more panels though, as they come in 1m sections. I'm not awfully good at DIY type stuff and hubby is allergic to the outdoors. :roll:

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It joins at the grey base of the eglu and is about 20cm wide. Omlet now supply an additional square piece of skirt that clips onto the existing skirt, giving an extra 20cms or so next to the eglu. Does That make sense? :?:?


As the skirt is 20 cms on each side, the point where the eglu joins the run would be 1.2m/120cms wide.

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