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Chicken Licken

Going skiing

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We are going skiing on sunday - with 11 special needs children!! After almost 2 years of planning it is now upon us and I am feeling rather nervous. 11 kids age 13 - 19, 3 wheelchairs included and 8 adults!!! Please keep fingers crissed and crossed for us. I think once we get there it will be fine, the hardest thing is going to be for the parents to let us go.. for so many it is their first school trip away from home and we are flying. At least there is snow!!

Of course tomorrow the chookie girls are going on holiday to my parents house, and the poorly elderly dog is going there too. What a busy day it will be. Planning on moving the eglu and omlet netting but leaving the run behind as they will be able to free range. 3 dogs will keep away Mr Fox I think!


I think we must be slightly mad

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Oh what a great time you are going to have! :clap:


Im sure the chookies and your dog will be just fine on their little holiday to your mums.


You must take LOADS of photos for the childrens parents - they will be so pleased to see their child skiing and enjoying the snow - what a fantastic opportunity you are giving them :D

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