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Fairy lights and heat????

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A friend of mine was talking about her husbands friend who has 5 chickens.


He has the most wonderful eggs from his chooks, however he puts this down to the fact that he has a heat lamp in thier coop along with a string of fairy lights, so it's always light in there.


He also feeds them warm food (which I do from time to time (porridge etc)


Does anyone know if keeping it light in the coop all the time is the right thing to do?

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As Cinnamon said, if you keep a light on the hens won't go into their shut down phase - artificial light almost round the clock is how they keep battery hens laying and get intensively reared meat chickens to keep eating and grow so much.


The days are lengthening now so that's the most natural way to get them to lay



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I have the most wonderful eggs from my chooks too, and the only light they get is the one in the sky :)


Everyone has their own style of chicken-keeping. Mine is the low-maintenance sort: feed them mainly on pellets but give them regular supplements and treats, provide water as needed, clean them out when absolutely necessary and let them free-range when I'm home and it's light outside. Nothing more fancy than that.


I didn't get into this to be an intensive egg farmer!

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