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advice needed - Buff Orpingtons in a Cube ???

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I investigating the new additions to my flock and have discovered a breeder very close to me that not only sells Light Sussex (No1 on my addition list) and Wyandottes but he also sells Buff Orpingtons (and Bantam versions) :D:D:D


Does anyone have Buffs (either size) living in a cube........my worry is they wouldn't make it up the ladder into the cube as they are such a big chook :?:?:?


very difficult trying to decide which breed my new additions will be...........there's so many on my list :think::think::D

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My cube's not arriving until 31st March :(:( Though Omlet are building it for me :D :D


That would be great if you could let me know how your girls get on :D :D


I'm trying not to go to or phone the breeders until after my cube arrives..........just looking at their website :roll: as I know (from someone else who visited the breeder last week) that there are loads of lovely chooks to chose from :D:D

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