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New behaviour

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I've only had my ladies for a week, but today their behaviour is very different to normal.

Firstly their behaviour towards me has changed. They now charge at me when ever I go near (I assume they think I might have treats?). They were actually quite scary and kept looking at me like they were going to jump up at me at any moment. For the first time I was a little bit afraid of them :oops:

Also have just been out to watch before bed, they are scratching about as normal, but then will suddenly dart across the pen at full speed wings out for no reason. It's like they have ants in their pasnts! Charging about in a very random manner. What are they up to?

Also saw for the second time one of them fly into the pen roof trying to get onto one of the horizontal supports. They have also tryed to perch on diaganol supports in the mesh sides but ended up crashing into the mesh.I worry they will hurt themselves. Is it because the roof is clear so they don't realise it's there? Will they give up after a few failed attempts? If not how can I stop them injuring themselves?

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

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Running up and demanding treats is quite normal - you just have to be firm with them. Remember, you're head of the flock and surrogate cockerel, so you can afford to be a bit bossy :)


Re the antsy behaviour, have they started laying yet? Some of mine have been known to go a bit mad in the day or two preceding laying, as if they can feel something a bit weird going on in their innards (or they have chicken PMS) !

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If you make the same calling noise and use the same bowl for treats , they will soon come to recognise when you are offering them.


Make a different sound (or none at all) if you are just wanting to come outside.


They will soon learn to ignore you! :lol:


Sounds as if they are feeling at home.

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mine do tend to have a "funny five minutes" during the day.


They will suddenly be standing still and then run like the crackers flapping their wings.....I dunno what it means but its really funny to watch :lol:


They like to keep us guessing AND entertained me thinks :roll:

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Mine often suddenly charge right across the garden for no apparent reason - I think they just enjoy the feeling :D (and if one goes, all go :roll: ).


Mine had us in stitches today - Molly was kicking soil out behind her very enthusiastically, some landed on Maisie who got a fright and jumped, frightening Molly and Milly who both jumped and then they all stood looking around in a puzzled manner :lol::lol: .

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