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Accidents happen in 3's!!!

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Well at least I hope they don't happen in more than that :shock:


Sunday after a lovely family evening meal with little tea lights in the middle of our new oiled oak table :D I thought I'd re oil it as per instructions from the shop, so OH was clearing it, and blew the candles out.


I think he thought he was in the other room, because the blow was huge, and what happens to melted hot wax? yep :roll::evil: all over the table chair and floor, oh and his face :roll:


A few comments later, and I wouldn't let him near the table to make it worse, so he went off to wash up, and all I heard was crack...'Ooops' He managed to snap the handle of one of the prestige pans :shock:


I must be really stupid, because I thought that was it :? but my eldest daughter was getting the dogs a treat this morning on our way out of the door for school and work and she knocked a new tin of white gloss paint off the utility room worktop, the top came off, and it glugged it's self over the floor, dog bed, under the washing machine and just about everywhere else :(:(:(


I'm sat here now wondering how on earth to tackle the rest that I couldn't get up this morning :? is it too early for a raspberry gin :?


Karen x

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Threes or fours! in the last two weeks:


1) au-pair left with a bloke she met on the internet (no goodbye, no notice given for me to find someone else = me unable to work outside school hours and had to get an expensive pet-sitter to look after my menagerie while we're away for Easter - flights booked before the 'moo' left)


2) washing machine broken (thank goodness under guarantee)


3) dishwasher gone for good (nice new one on e-bay, delivered and installed), and


4) boiler gone too, for good, and plumber unavailable until end of April (no hot water, no heating - the silver lining is that as we're all frozen here we're not perspiring so the daily shower we're not having doesn't show too much... we're sponging ourselves with kettlefuls! (':oops:'))


Now, where did I put that bottle of gin...? (':twisted:')

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Oh no Karen! Gloss paint is a nightmare! :? Have you tried using biological washing powder? It's good for cleaning brushes that have been used for gloss. Failing that, do you have a steam cleaner? That might work if it hasn't fully dried yet. Sorry can't think of anything else :? Get that gin poured though before you do anything else! 8)

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OMG Karen, you need some white spirit on a cloth first. Then some decent carpet shampoo! You would be able to claim on your insurance if it has ruined any carpets / flooring.

We once did similar with emulsion when we lived at home. Mum went mad - not half as bad as gloss paint, but still ruined my mums brand new carpet. The insurance did eventually pay out.

If you need a hand cleaning it up, give me a shout!



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What a nightmare Karen :( Have a gin and it might not seem that all bad :wink:


Ana, it is enough to make you scream and pull all of your hair out :shock: OH has just had the parts guys leave today from both of his shops. One has given a couple of days notice (gee thanks :roll: ) and the other went out this morning on an errand and has not come back :shock::roll::evil:

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Hmmm, I'm onto disaster no 4 today :cry:


Yesterday was so dreadful that I ended up crying my heart out yesterday evening because I felt overwhelmed and frustrated by my run of bad luck. I felt better today, more positive and able to cope...........but now I've had even more problems.


I hope I'm just having a few bad days and I'm sure I can deal with all of this, but it is so hard when it's one thing on top of another on top of another.


Good luck Karen.

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Why do these things always come in clusters?


I have a kind of personal measurement scale when bad things happen - I ask myself where it is between 1 and 10. I've only had a few tens in my life. Divorce was one of them, and my parents dying.


Usually this helps me to get a grip on it - even being burgled only rated 7 or so, because "Ooops, word censored!"ody was hurt and the stuff taken was electrical goods which could easily be replaced. I s"Ooops, word censored!"ed the car on Saturday night, it's only six months old :( but then I reflected that it's repairable, at least "Ooops, word censored!"ody was injured, and it's still driveable - that's only about a 2 on my scale.


Sometimes you just do need to resort to crying/gin though. I often find a good cry makes me feel much better! So sorry to hear about all these problems.

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Hee hee, on top of all my disasters I got a letter today from my solicitor............our buyers want to move in on Monday 17th March :shock: I've still got a host of disasters that I'm trying to work through, nothing packed, no shippers arrived and nowhere to live and I'm expected to move out in 4 days time :shock::lol::lol::lol::lol:


Strangely I said "no". Galvanised me into action though. Told solicitor my best offer is 16th April, shippers provisionally booked for 14-15th April. Given up on decluttering.........I'm just chucking things out willy nilly. Still trying somewhere for the children & I to live from 16th April until we fly on 27th June. I've got a huge clourful spider chart thing of things to do, it's very pretty but truly terrifying. Deep breaths and one day at a time :wink:


I'm just wondering what on earth is going to befall me next.


Mind I've given up crying now, that didn't work and I ended up with puffy eyes and a headache, so now I'm simply laughing. Hysterically maybe, but still laughing :shock::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

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