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loose 7lb by easter challenge

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lol. been on weigh"Ooops, word censored!"cher 2 year!


started off at nearly 12stone... got to goal (8.5 stone).. and over the past month or so.. its slooowely been creeping back on again.. got to 9.5 stone and decided i needed some motivation to get back on track.

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I did weight watchers. Went from 10stone 5lbs to 8stone 2lbs then way, way, way back up again and don't ever want to think about dieting again :lol: ! 8stone 2lbs did not look good on me. The extra weight looks even worse but I've given up caring! So long as LSH still fancies me, I'm a very happy bunny :wink: !

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Already on a team diet, sorry. We do one at work: £1 per week over a term, weigh in weekly, all weights kept secret but the "lbs lost" go up on a sticker chart (well, we ARE teachers).

Winner takes all, usually around £130! I annoy everyone because I don't diet, but still manage to loose weight, but then if you start at a lot, you only have to think about it and a little bit of weight comes off! I've lost 8lbs since Christmas, due to the fact that I have given up drinking alcohol midweek. I make sure I make up for it at weekends though! :wink:

Good Luck Kaz! But you really don't look like you need to loose weight!

I tell everyone I've got big bones! :lol::lol:

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I read somewhere about a diet while you sleep. Thats my kind of diet, no energy required :D


They said that eating honey before bed burnt off calories whilst you slept :D


So bring on those bees




And I read in the Telegraph (so it MUST be true) that thinking about exercising is as good for you as actually exercising!!! :lol:

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The only way for me to lose that weight by easter is to chop off my head!


OH is just making me a banana sandwich on homemade bread with homemade butter.


Guess I could get rid of OH. No slave, no money, no food...............problem solves...........but then that is overtaken by other more serious ones.


How the heck will I be able to feed all my chooks. :roll:

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