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Nicola O

It's GREEN, it's GREEN !!

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Came home today to find a small pale green egg laying in the run !!


Dora, one of the skylines, was looking subdued this morning so I was hoping she was brewing one up - and here it is, her first green egg !!


It's a bit small but - who cares - I still think it's pretty blimin' brill.




Apologies for the grainy picture, but it's the best my camera phone can do close up.


Nicola. really happy with a lovely green egg :lol:

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Hi Andrea


I got the new chooks from Smilers Farm in Pound Lane, Bowers Gifford, Basildon,


The lady I saw (I can't remember her name - sorry) was really nice, showed me all the birds, even the ones that she thought wouldn't be suitable, and helped me make a decision, because left on my own I probably would have taken one of everything :lol: .


I have got their number somewhere, I'll post back on here when I can find it :D .



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Thanks Nicola,

I will wait and see what the breeder at Hens4Homes says about timing. We are thinking at the moment that we might wait until middle of April anyway :( to get the hens. Cube is due by end of March but we then are away for four days in April seems like it might be easier to wait until afterwards rather than get the neighbours to chicken sit :roll:


Wish we weren't going away now :(



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