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Have you ever seen such an incredible egg?

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Have you ever seen such an incredible egg? I havent!!! :lol: Its the best egg Ive ever seen :lol::lol: It was laid by the wonderfully clever Anita who has only been with us since Saturday. :lol:

Dont care that its so small.......... its perfect and I am very very proud.

Will she lay regularly now, or might it be a while until the next one? Thoroughly loving having my chooks and loving this forum. Thanks everybody for everything I've learnt so far. :D [img[/img]http://Girlsegg130308011-1.jpg[/img]

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I've been a complete anorak & weighed all mine. Marked them with her name & date as well. 46g first one then 75g today in a matter of 9 days. Everyone thinks I'm completley bonkers but i'm totall smitten with them & I just think shes sooo clever to be able to form such a wonderful thing! The egg.... You get so much joy from having them even without that little gift , but the egg is just soo fab! I actually think todays was a whopper but wondering what is normal, been so used to looking at approx 50+g that todays seems extrordinary!


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SHE DID IT AGAIN!!! Anita laid another egg!!! :dance: Still small but slightly bigger than her first one. What a clever girl she is. (It is her isn't it :?::?: ) Hennrietta is a big bigger, but her crown and wattles are still tiny. So I assume its Anita. I am going to weight my beautiful eggs when I get home tonight! Can't believe how EGGciting it is! We are going to have them for breakfast tomorow morning. Cant wait.

AJUFF: Anita was actually named after a friend called Anita who is a red head (as is Anita the Chicken...... are you??)

Ive got electronic scales..... got them from ebay. Very good.

Happy egging one and all :lol:

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