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We're racing again!

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As most of you will know - Rosie and I run the Race for Life each year to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Through generous donations from our sponsors, we have raised thousands of pounds over the years that I (and latterly Rosie) have been racing.


I initially started this at one of the first ever events, as 3 out of my four grandparents had died of cancer and I have had a nasty scare myself. A close and dear friend of my own age supported me through the first race I did, then died a month later of cancer, never realising her dreams to race herself, nor to raise her own family. I pledged to race and raise money for research into the causes and possible cures of cancer for as long as I am able.


Rosie has recently joined me, so we now do a gentle jog rather than my usual full pelt. She really enjoys raising money for a good cause.


Here'a a picture of us at least year's race... the shorts are worn for a bet - one of my sponsors will pledge £50 provided that I wear them!




Please support your friends through their race if they are running this year, or let me know if you would like to add your name to our pledge list. I hope that you manage to get along to one of the events; the atmosphere is truly amazing and inspiring.

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You can pledge any of your friends if they are racing, otherwise, PM me with your name, address, postcode and amount of pledge and I'll happily add it to our form. Cheques need to be made out to Cancer Research UK and I can give you my address by return. They aren't banked until I send in the money about 1 month after the event.


I was just talking to a friend about this, and most of us are now at an age (some of us more than most :oops: ) where we are starting to feel our own mortality as friends shuffle off their mortal coils - it really brings it home to you, doesn't it? What I wouldn't give to have had more time with my grandparents and my friend, Pip. :(

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I'll pm you too, won't be much I'm afraid, we're always flat broke. But my Nan died of cancer, she was the loveliest lady, virtually brought me up when my mum was ill, it's one of my saddest thoughts that she never met my husband and especially my children. They say cancer will affect every one of us either by knowing someone who gets it or through actually getting it. One in three will get it. In my direct family there's me, OH and three children. Work those odds out. I can't believe after all this time and research there's still no cure. Well done you for doing the run, and especially Rosie too, you must be very proud of her.


Mrs B

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Thanks Laura and Mrs B, just PM me your details as posted above and I will make sure that you get on the forms. I haven't got all the pledges written on yet, but just today, I've received about £100 already! :D:D:D8)


Pam, people of all abilities do the race. The course we do it at a local stately home and takes us through woodland (v muddy when it's wet) and up fields. It's lovely to stay and have a picnic afterwards.


Mrs B; it touches all our families, sadly.


There's one disabled lady who does it every year with the help of her careres and followed closely by her wheelchair, takes her over 2 hours, but she gets a standing ovation when she gets over the line... always makes me cry; what a sacrifice.

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