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Tutankhamun and First Emperor Exhibitions

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Oh, I wish I'd known. I was at the O2 on Friday..........just wandering really, not to see Tutankhamun.


I only live a few miles down the road from there.


Glad that you had a good time.


Oh No! What a shame! I wish I'd mentioned it before....it would have been lovely to meet for a cuppa.

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We booked for Tut as soon as the tickets went on sale,but,stupidly,have double booked it with a weekend at Centerparcs :roll::roll::roll:


As this weekend is going to be our only holiday probably this year,it looks like my Brother will be going in our place,but I am so cross with myself for making such a stupid mistake!

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We went to see King Tut a couple of months ago - it was brilliant - the children really enjoyed it too. I'd love to see the terracotta army, but didn't book it in time.


Glad you enjoyed it.


snap, and double snap!


We went to see King Tut a couple of weeks ago, after the dentist (we always try and make a day of it as my dentist is in my old home town about 80 miles away :roll: ). We went mid-week, and so it was quieter, and cheaper - although they made a fortune on booking fees & postal fees etc :evil: . It was absolutely superb. My Mum saw the original exhibition in the 70s which was apparently a real experience. Still, I am glad to have had this opportunity. I learnt a lot.


I desperately tried to get tickets for the T-A as well several months ago, but even then they only had the ones for after 10pm at night :shock:. I would have been sleep walking around it. I'm really disappointed as Andy was ever so keen to go.

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