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If you've got one of these....




....be very careful.


The rubber seal thing under the top part of the coffee pot looked a bit lumpy but we were planning to buy a new one next time we went past Whittards so thought nothing of it.


I put the coffee pot on the stove a little while ago to make a cuppa for me and Ollie and as it was nearly brewed, there was an almighty hiss and rattle. I ran into the kitchen to find that it had shot scalding hot coffee on all of the walls, ceiling, up the window - everywhere, in fact. Thank goodness no one was in the kitchen or they would have been covered in it. There are little bits of black rubber everywhere and it's taken me a good half hour to wipe the splashes off all the walls, floor, cupboard doors and window - sod the ceiling!


Moral of the story - check your rubber seal! If it looks like it's beginning to perish - GET A NEW ONE!

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Kate we have one and I don't drink it but Mikey does :shock: . I tell the manufacturers if I were you, that is really dangerous and I'm sure they'll be pleased to have this pointed out.



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I think it's my fault for not replacing the rubber seal, Buffie. We'd both looked at it last week and said we'd get one next time we passed the shop but completely forgot! Usually they are reliable. The new seals cost around a pound too which is why I'm kicking myself for not remembering to buy one last week.


If you've got one, just keep an eye on the seal to make sure it's still good and isn't starting to perish.

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That was my first thought too, Linda. If the boys had been in there having breakfast which is what they are usually doing when the coffee pot is used, they could have been scalded. Phew!


Annie - two seals are definitely on the list when we go into town and I will not use it until it's got a nice new seal in place! Instant coffee will suffice :lol: !

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Kate,that sounds scarey!


When I was about 20 I house sat for my Mum,looking after my little sister & brother.

One evening I made supper,& while we were eating little sis went into the kitchen & pulled the glass cover that went over the hob down.

It was supposed to be shatter proof & heat proof,but my goodness when it went a few mintues later there was glass everywhere - even embedded into the ceiling :shock:

Than goodness none of us were hurt.


It took days to clear up properly,so I really sympathise :)

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