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My Pair Are So Cheeky!!!

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I've just been out to get the washing in. I went out out my side door to the garden and left it open. The girls came to see what I was doing and then it went quiet.


I was poop scooping the lawn when I though it was too quiet, I glanced up only to see Bacon and Egg stood looking out of the patio window in my dining room at me :shock::shock:


I raced back round the side and in, thankfully no presents left on the cream carpet in there for me. :roll:


The last few days they have been racing me to the back door trying to get in. I guessed they spotted there moment, cheeky things :D:D

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Clare* - our chooks are just as cunning.


When we go out the patio doors into the garden to let them out, we have to make sure we don't forget to shut the door behind us, otherwise as soon as that pin is out the run, the girls leg it straight indoors for the cat food.

There is no-way on earth you would beat them too it either :roll:


Glad no pressies were left on said cream carpet. We get our 'surprise' fair share too. I found one in the hall yesterday. How it got there without me noticing.... :?

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Clare - I like a girl with a cheeky pair.... :wink:


I noticed mine being a bit cheeky today - they have camped outside the patio door. I think they've noticed that's where the dog gets into the house!


(the marks on the window - that's where the dog s"Ooops, word censored!"es his paws irritatingly!)







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Hi Gang i found the chooks at the patio doors very informative, and pleased to find my chooks are no different, haven't even had my girls a full week yet and they keep trying to get indoors, the moment we go to the door they are there! and then when you go back indoors they hang around. only problem they poo all around the door so you have to dodge the poo otherwise you would be cleaning up all the time.


Any good poo scoop ideas?

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Revnev watch out they will be in :D Thats just how mine sit. They are doing it now :D


I am sat by the patio window and they are tapping away on the glass trying to get my attention. Probably thinking does she ever do anything else than be on that bloomin computer :shock:

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We are getting fence across where our decking is going to stop them pooing there, keep them safe in BBQ season, stop them intimidating the cats by peering through the cat flap and allowing us to leave our back door open without them coming in and scoffing the cat food! :roll:


Oh you are so mean :wink:


I'm sure that all the behaviour you are trying to stop is quite normal for wild jungle fowl and therefore domestic hens should be allowed to express it :wink::lol:


Make sure your hens can't get to a phone to contact the RSPCA!

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