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How long to boil a bantan egg for?

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Well I've now had 4 eggs in a week from my 2 star layers (the other 2 are a bit distracted I think), and I've sat watching them for hours to work out who is laying.


As it's Easter Sunday today - we are going to eat our first eggs - and I wanted to boil them - does anyone know how long a very tiny bantam egg needs to be soft bolied? I really don't want to ruin our first eggs by overcooking them (after all the hard work the girls have out in!),





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Sorry, a bit of unashamed cutting and pasting from the Clare's Surprise thread. I struggle with the fancy links at the best of times and I'm a bit rushed this morning. I'm sure Clare and Sonja won't mind. Enjoy the eggs :D



Sonja, I soft boil a 38g banty egg for 2.5 minutes, and hard boil them for 3.5 minutes,but yours will probbaly be smaller, so you'll just have to judge it and see how you get on.

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Paola Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2006 10:38 am




I find my girls eggs are best poached. They are nice also boiled but I do not have a cup small enough to hold them so I pad the cups out with kitchen roll! Enjoy



Now why didn't I think of that :roll:


Me, hubby and Esme painted some egg cups when we were on holiday on the Isle of Wight in Feb and when we got the girls we were looking forward to using the egg cups. But despite the fact that the eggs are 60-75 grams, they loook lost in the bottom of the egg cups.


Thanks to you having a brain, we can now use them :lol:


Home produced eggs from hand painted eggcups will be a treat indeed 8)

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