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A public apology to grd

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grd has brought it to my attention that I deeply insulted him last night, by (politely) asking him to stop calling me 'cheeky chookiehen', and to use my Sunday name 'chookiehen' instead.


I have been brought up by parents who insisted in politness and respect at all times, including calling each other by our proper names intstead of nicknames. Therefore, I was always chookiehen, and my brother always roosterboy (unless I was in trouble then it was 'COME HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT'). Even nowadays, I must insist that chookiehubbie resists the temptation to use pet names.


However, Graham, I apologise if I insulted your deeply sensitive soul, and hereby give you permission to call me absolutely anything you want....



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Probably after seeing the title and author of this thread he's wondering what on earth he might be letting himself in for!!! :shock: And to see that it is addressed to him personally and has stretched to two whole pages already without any input from him at all, he must surely be feeling slightly wary!! :lol::wink:

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