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Nicola H


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Have just tried to make some and couldn't get it to thicken, despite adding the oil a drop at a time. What am I doing wrong?




I'm resurrecting this thread because I've had an infuriating half hour trying to make mayonnaise in my magimix and like Egluntine.... It won't thicken!!!!! Arghhhhh :evil: !!!!!

I've just chucked my first attempt away.. what a waste of oil... going to go & lie down in a darkened room to regain my composure.


Please help!!!

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I had another go this afternoon with a hand whisk & it was much better :dance: - possibly a bit too thick if anything!

I think the magimix blade maybe wasn't reaching everything in the initial stages- would probably be better for larger quantities...


Am I right in thinking it will last for a week in the fridge?

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I keep mine for 2 weeks - I put a label on with the date.


I must admit that I make a double batch (two yolks) in the normal food processor bowl - makes 2 honey jars worth.


Mt processor has a smaller bowl which I can use for a one yolk recipe.

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