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What was she thinking!

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I get branded a s"Ooops, word censored!" - mind you I couldn't live without Clinique products


I was with you until then! What's wrong with superdrug ownbrand?? :lol:


Phil (Nivea is my tipple!)

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I thought I heard make up and found my way here! Moisturiser is very important chaps so well done Phil! 8)


My mum asked me if I'd read the latest on JP's exploits and I told her I couldn't think of anything worse than reading about him and ...well...I have to blank out those images too much! :oops::wink::lol:


Sheila he does want to build on every bit of green, we have MK with all it's pre designated housing areas and they still build here, have to drive to MK to work :?:roll: and also build on the flood plain (Olney) :roll::evil::roll:



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..and Green Belt...which I thought was, er, supposed to be left green, not whole new MK's built on them. :twisted:

I never use moisturiser :oops:

OK, greasy hair, wrinkly skin, good thing I'm not in the papers! :lol:

Plus, yes, dreadful media vultures, but people buy those papers. :twisted: That's what perpetuates it.

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(Nivea is my tipple!)

Is that for anointing Phil :?: I would have thought communion wine for drinking :lol:



not in my denomination - it's non-alcoholic and tastes like gnat's pee...



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I own a caravan listen to Radio 4 and my fav radio station is BBC radio Gloucestershire - I get branded and old fa*t


I couldn't live without Clinique products


oh and did I mention that I was Welsh?



:shock: But I thought I was the only Welsh, Radio 4 listening, Clinique using, chicken keeper in the village!





Richard T

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