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Urgent help required!

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I've put a pot of chilli on for the boys coming back from the cup final, and I've just tasted it, and I've realised that I put chilli in it TWICE!


It's now blow-your-brains-off-hot, fine for me and chookiehubbie, but the boys won't touch it that spicey.


Things aren't exactly going their way at the footie, please does anyone know how to de-chillify chilli, before they get home??!

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Chocolate......hmmmmmmm....lets see if I have any........ :D


Will give it a go! Who'd have thought that the chocolate eggs would end up in chilli!

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I knew that a potato would suck out salt, never thought of using that!


I'll chuck one of them in too!


See what happens when you spend the afternoon on the internet instead of concentrating on your motherly duties....



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In the end, chookiehubbie took them out for pizza to celebrate, so half the chilli is in the freezer, the other half will be added to a fresh pot tomorrow, with no extra chillis added, for tea tomorrow night!

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I think thew goalkeeper saved Hearts. He gave your lads celebration pizza, how kind!


Nope - he just knows how bad my cooking is.........



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Craig Gordon, I think - I'm a girlie, I don't really 'do' football - I rely on picking up what the boys tell me!


He's Scotland goalie too, I know that much!

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