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The rescue update

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Hi I'll post this in the sticky but just heard that all 1700 hens are being rescued this saturday. It's now a very early start for me and the team but who cares as this is the best news. :P


Thanks and see you there, Clare, Mel, KateA and Omlet! :D:D



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I wish I'd had something to do with it Martin but I wonder where they are going?


Well we all know where some of them are going :wink: but I think some people have been booking 50's which means the numbers shoot up. 50,, 3 or 4 it's all wonderful.



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"Jimmys Farm" has certainly made people more aware of the plight of Battery hens.

People really seem to care about where their eggs come from now - which is great :D


If there were some sort of docu show about rescuing the hens which went into more detail about the terrible lives they lead,that would help even more.

There are always these expose programmes on - why not on battery hens (unless I have missed it already :roll: )

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Sorry to digress and excusing the pun but that kind of programme might "ruffle too many feathers"


It'll only be because it'll scare the industry seeing as so many products use battery eggs - and frightening the industry exactly what we do want to happen.


I don't think many channels would go near it


How about we lobby the BBC to do something as it's licence payers money?


As for the rescue - Good Luck when we have a bit more space and room we intend to house at least two (maybe more depending on how much land we get with a new place)



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