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Loads of Mushrooms, what shall I do with them

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I make a mushroom sauce which is great with grilled or fried meat and especially with turkey coated in breadcrumbs and shallow fried (home made chicken nuggets )


you finely chop an onion and fry that in butter until golden then add finely chopped mushrooms and cook for a couple of minutes then add some flour(maybe a tablespoonful) and some sour cream and S&P and cook through, we had it tonight in fact it is a good way to add a sauce without having to make gravy and only takes 15 minutes max to make, I haven't ever frozen it but think it would freeze OK

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Thanks, I made mushroom soup had some for breakfast this morning, gave some to my Mum, she had them with steak yesterday and I have frozen some, thanks for the tip Lesley. Still some left, so I will make the mushroom sauce I think and try to freeze that, as we are a bit mushoomed out now.

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mushroom pate - that'#s what I usually do..


mushrooms (about a pound - whizzed in food processor)

breadcrumbs (about 6oz - soak in qt.pint hot water)

nutmeg (to taste -


lemon juice


salt and pepper


it's fantastic as a starter with toast...


fry the onion in a big saucepan

add the mushrooms

then add the breadcrumbs and all the other stuff


beat it all together - FANTASTIC! on toast - in sandwiches - with a salad - warm or chilled...


(some people add a bit of fresh yeast - but I don't..)



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i have a couple of suggestions..


the best recipe in the planet is....


cheesy jack daniels mushrooms....

1. fry the muchrooms in a little oil.


2. warm a metal ladel full of jack daniels of the hob.. when it starts smoking pour it over the mushrooms (it should flambay at this point) when the flame dies out,


3. stir in some cream and grated cheddar cheese andthicken the sauce.


pour into a oven proof dish, and brown under the grill (i sometimes fry some bacon bits with the mushrooms whichs is devine)



-creamy mushroom stoganoff

-mushroom risotto

-mushroom soup


(all above recipes are on my recipe site)

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