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I don't belieeeeeeeeeve it..

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Yes, I'm having a bit of a Victor Meldrew moment!


Someone has come into our garden yesterday, while I had washing on the line and nicked all but one of my bras!!!!!!! :shock::shock:


I'm now left with a sports bra, and a slightly off white 'washing day' bra....





I'll be going shopping tomorrow then!

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Why, is that the sort of thing you hubbies do for a joke?? :roll: Strange that was your first thought! :wink:

Because, in our juvenile minds, it's funny. :D I've never done it myself though..... :?

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*grd disappears out the back door with a large grin on his face....*


Shona, I'd be so annoyed! My bras are rather a strange size :oops: I'd be furious if they went missing, as they cost so much money!

My guess is there was a stag do going past your garden last night. Let's hope that when the respective girlfriends/wives of such pranksters find these items of clothing secreted on their hung-over partners they give em hell!

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I was on holiday in France a few years ago in a Gite and hung out some washing and then we went out for the day, when we returned it had nearly all gone, strangely they left my underwear! probably says more about my underwear than the thief! anyway they did take some quite expensive shirts and jeans etc. i tried to claim on my travel insurance when we came home and they said I hadn't taken sufficient security precautions! maybe I should have ensured an electrified washing line!

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I can't imagine anyone ever stealing mine.

Clean or dirty :shock:


I don't know...


I find we always have a shortage of floor-cloths... :wink:



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