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Fox Attack and Hero Cat

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It was our turn to have a visit from Mrs Vixen on Tuesday night. She attacked whilst the girls were free ranging beside the house. Fortunately, Patches, our monster white and fat (err, sorry, that should be "black") cat, heard the noise before we did and flew out the house and saw off the evil one, sadly not before Bobby, our Bovans Nera, had been taken.


Thanks though to the quick thinking of our monster cat, the other three survived.


Has anyone got any ideas what we can give as a reward to such a brave boy?


- Cavey

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So sorry to hear about your unfortunate chook. It is so sad to hear about so many being taken recently. Very good news about the others though. What a clever kitty :D . I only hope that my two cats, under the same circumstances, would be equally as brave :? A reward is definitely in order! Perhaps a diamond studded collar labeled "fox exterminator at work..." :lol::lol:

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