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Staring competiton

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Not the smelly one though eh Shona :lol: If he let rip you would pas out :shock::wink:


He's only got one eye as well, so I'm not sure I could cope with a staring match with a flatulent, one eyed cat.....



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Why does this cat make me giggle uncontrollably? Shona PLEASE can we have pictures soon!


Have taken photos, now just need to get the card reader to work - it could be tomorrow, after chookiehubbie has done it for me!


(Tigger is a total HONEY, by the way, despite his smellyness.... :lol: )

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he won't mind. Anyway, he's not disabled, he's just visually and anally impaired.....


That's a low blow! Poor Kitty


He kind of brings it upon himself, Martin....


He walks around the house, spreading the smell, with a big cat smile on his face....


We're not laughing at him, we're laughing WITH him!



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