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new addition to the family!

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Hi just to let you know I may be a bit scarce on thursday. I have just found out we can collect Dora, daisies mummy, for my parents. They lost Petra tragically ,their rescue boxer, a few weeks ago and daisie's breeder very kindly said they could have Dora.


I just emailed to get a date for collection and she said now, I can see how much you want her :oops::wink: !! :P:P:D:D:D:D So mikey is going to get her tomorrow and I will spend thursday smiling like a cheshire cat and my parents come back from their hols on saturday and they'll have the best surprise and my dad will have the best fathers day pressie!


Very excited and just wanted to tell someone as my dads mobile is turned off!!! :roll:


BBxx :D

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I can't get hold of them to spring the great news...really am bursting! :wink::lol:


I have booked daisie in for her spey op next weds as the vet thinks she is now ready, poor mite. Then Dora will have it done at our vets in about 8 weeks. I ought to have been a vet, the amount of nursing i do here. Wouldn't change it. We've been for a swim this morning well daisie did and then wouldn't get the ball so I have a soggy bottom :shock::lol:



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Sorry :oops::oops: It's been lovely and my mum and dad came to 'meet' their new baby on friday. Dora had visits from friends both thursday and friday and loved the attention, daisie wasn't so happy and ended up in a real sulk as she wanted my attention :roll::wink:


We had a bbq on friday night to celebrate Dora's new life :D and then we all walked early on saturday and they

home. I have had the updates and she is loving it! I won't see her this week but next week daisie should have recovered from her spey op so I will pop over a week on friday!


It's really muggy here this morning and I'll try to see waht's happened here. Welcome back Thalia :D



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