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Lost property

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OH always tries to get home earlier on a Friday, but last night, he couldn't make the 4 or 5 O' Clock trains, and only just managed to catch the 6. Was very very stressed at missing valuable drinking time sitting in the garden watching the sun go down, and so must have really been rushing to get off the train when it arrived at the station at 7.

He plonked himself down in the chair, having poured a glass of red stuff, when suddenly he jumped up again

"Oh Poo (or soemthing similar)....I've left my bag on the train..."

"What :shock: Your briefcase?" :shock::shock: (thinking, good grief, laptops, mobile phones, wallets, credit cards, keys etc)

" No, no, my rucksack with my gym stuff in"

"well, that's not so bad then, you've just lost some smelly socks, T shirt and trainers then"

OH: ":oops: :oops: ermm, yes, but there is also 12 mangoes in there....a present from an agency to me for placing one of their off shore workers on a 3 month contract.... :oops::oops: "

Much hilarity has followed as he phones up various numbers, describing the bag and contents to First Great Western

"Did you say sweaty pants, socks and 12 ripe mangoes Sir?...." :lol::lol::lol:

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it does remind me of when I was only 16 and on my way home from college for a couple of weeks off - (studying Hotel & Catering Management) - when got home i realised I didn't have my knives with me - a set of about 12 with a steel all wrapped up in a purpose made canvas roll neatly engraved, no less, with my initials.


I was terribly scared and called the local bus company


"Did you say Knives"


"yes, k.n.i.v.e.s"


"You'd better phone the police mate!"


All i thought of for months was someone getting stabbed with my knives and recognising the intials ATD and me getting arrested!


Never got them back though and it cost me over £180 to replace them!

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That is shocking (from other thread) :twisted: you should complain. It just about sums up a lot of British organisations (sorry Sheila for generalising). You talk to one person they tell you to deal with someone else, you can't get a direct phone number, then the poor person at the end of the line with no power messes you around without knowing any of it.


Reminds me of when we were having a bed delivered and the lorry drove right past our house....and kept going :shock: We phoned Argos and were told we couldn't talk to the people in charge of deliveries as they weren't "customer facing" :shock::? It was later revealed the driver was suddenly taken ill (on the way past our house presumably) and had to drive to hospital. :roll:

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:) Please, generalise all you like on this one! Esp. if you include Argos, Sarah. Yes, any badly run business, carry on!

Er, I have a reputation here! Tonight, for the first time in ** years, OH had a rant & then said, yes I know I'm generalising, before I said anything! Success!

AnnieP. Sorry to hear of the mango debacle :evil::twisted: and wasted journey.

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:D Yes, it must be an amazing place. Yesterday, went for a little walk with OH & daughter. In the space of half an hour, we found a Tommee Tippee cup (returned to owner as we'd past a pushchair) then later a single pink sandal, then later a pink sunhat. :( I did wonder if they were the same child, but it seemed a lot of items for one short amble.

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