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Ian C

Pictures of our ducklings

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Wendy told the story on the welcome forum, but I thought it might be get a bit lost on there.


First (Sybil) the darkest coloured one was hatched on 31 May at 6.30am, Basil, the middle coloured one, the next day.


Then as Wendy says, - "Youngest took some rearing, Polly/ Manuel had a really tough time hatching and we thought she/he wouldn't make it. One little webbed foot was stuck inside the shell. We helped with the final release and then I decided to feed tiny amounts of honeyed water on a small paint brush. eventually she/ he began to gain strength and open its eyes. It is now running around with Basil and Sybil although I don't think it can be an Appleyard as it is much smaller and the beak is much more pink. This is one tough little bird though and it very much resembles a cartoon duckling. It is just so sweet and affectionate"


They all love people, sitting on your knee, etc, as well as their Eglu, which they are in during the daytime at the moment.

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The ducklings all have very definite personalities and people preferences already. Sybil is hyperactive and mine, Basil has a definitely laid back approach to life and loves to sit on Ian's shoulder, Polly is smaller but very adventurous and adores our eldest daughter. Saying all that they are very much 'people ducks' and they're anybody's for a freshly picked daisy.

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Our ducks were hatched around June 1st so they're about 8 weeks old in the most recent pictures (taken Friday 4th August). They grow unbelievably quickly. Basil can't do his parrot impression and sit on Ian's shoulder any more but they still love to be fussed.

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