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Extension shade for the run

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Has anyone bought the new extension shade for the run? Details here


I have a converter measuring 1m and an extension measuring the same. This new cover is about 20cm longer than one extension.


If I put my old winter shade on the old part of the run and one of these new shades on my further extension, do you think the summer shade will bridge the gap over the converter section, or will it look a mess?


I suppose what I am asking is whether I need two of these new extension shades to look stylish.

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I've ordered one Gallina, but it hasn't come yet.

I just have the converter, no extension,

When it comes I'll have a play around and see what I think. I currently have a winter shade and the original shade.I hate the mess I have at present with both existing shades, it so spoils the look of the Eglu, so I know exactly what you mean!

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currently we have a converter only and have the long shade plus the triangle one on the converter part which gives ample shade. I suppose if we had another extension we would use the long winter shade, a summer shade and the triange at the end. (This probably makes no sense :roll: )

Ours looks fine as it is and doesn't look mismatched.

Why not order one and then see how you go?



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Well, it arrived this morning Gallina and goes well length-wise with the winter shade, but of course, my winter shade has faded so much, and this one is such a dark green that to be honest, it still looks a mess. I've taken the winter shade off as its not so sunny today anyway and just got the new one on.

I so wish they would just make 3 different sizes to fit whatever the length of the run is. i.e. standard, standard + converter and a super long shade to span the length of the run, converter and extension... :roll:

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Thanks Annie. I think I will order one anyway, and see what I can do with it. I will have a new dark one at the door end, one slightly faded one (luckily I've only been using it for a few months) at the the Eglu end, and a very faded triangle to bridge the gap.


I also wish I could buy just one shade, but I can see that there are problems where the burgeoning run suddenly decides to go straight: it would involve darts. But at least Omlet has produced a new cover that will fit the extension; the shaped winter shade doesn't fit it at all. And it won't look as awful as it does now.

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