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Just had a very satisfying morning emptying the contents of one of my compost heaps onto a newly prepared veggie bed. In my digging I found a collection of oddities, 2 spoons, a potato peeler and 2 shooting avocado stones :) Now I'm pretty convinced that we don't have the climate to actually get avocados to fruit in this country, but what's my chances of getting these to grow into an avocado plant? And if so is it likely to be attractive enough to be worth doing? Does it need any special care or anything? I'd appreciate any information or opinions any of you might have please.

Now, I'm off to plant out some lovely yummy parsnips and radishes in my newly prepared bed :)

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Found this for you....

When you’re learning how to grow avocado plants, don’t expect fruit. Avocado trees take up to ten years to mature enough to bear fruit and indoor grown plants rarely last for that length of time. However, if you provide it with a moist soil, plenty of sunlight, and fertile soil, your avocado plant will be an interesting addition to your home container garden for three to five years.

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All you need to know about growing avocados






My grandfather grew one in a pot and it was a bit...... boring :(


They can be 40-80 feet tall in the correct growing conditions. :shock:


:shock::shock: Thanks for the info LJ, and Annie :) . I might give it a go, just to see what happens, but boring and 40-80 foot doesn't sound like the ideal garden feature. Fortunately I do manage to kill most plants pretty quickly :oops:

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My Godfather's sister used to grow avocado plants. She was very green fingered. I thought they were rather nice - thick dark green leaves. Anyway it was just so clever to have done it, that was good enough for me!

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