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Drip feed watering system

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Ok. Can't remember if i have reported back on the drip feed system we installed but we have now had it in for a while so here goes:




Its hooked up to the water butt off the playhouse and you turn the barrel tap on just a little and the water just seeps out. we got 30 mts cable, as the veg beds are near the butt. It works really well. If the butt is empty we can hook it up to the outside tap and turn that on to a trickle to water the beds (all you need is a hoselock or similar connector).


If your water butts are far away from your beds you can get some standard hose length and run that from the butt to the beds, then put the drip feed cable on.


I am really pleased with it, so much so that we have got more to connect to the butt on the front of the house to water the asparagus/onion bed outside (trust me, not much asparagus in a partially shaded bed, but he perseveres!)


During a hosepipe ban you can use your hose to fill up a water butt (whats all that about!) so you can still water your veggies even through that. Its much more economical on water. We turn it on in the evening as less water is lost that way.


Now, if only I could work out a way to get the grey water from the bath in to a tank to use on the beds...


I would recommend it.

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Can you use seep hoses where you have a hosepipe ban? I thought I read somewhere that you couldn't use them even if connected to a water butt?


We used a seep hose last year in a new border with small pear trees in - it worked really well.

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No, its fine. I'm sure the system is ok to use during a ban - after all, you can fill up a rainwater butt with a hose during the ban (how crazy is that?!?), so as long as its not plugged in to the mains water during that time it should be ok. 8)

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after all, you can fill up a rainwater butt with a hose during the ban (how crazy is that?!?),





That IS crazy - so the trick is to fill your water butt up with the hose, then use the watering can to water the plants and when the butt is empty fill it up again???

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Dont ask me - I'm just repeating what the hub told me. I suppose it stops spraying water indiscriminately. Oh, by the way, apparently you can use the hose to fill a watering can!!!


I get the feeling somones pulling my...leg!

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