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Black Font

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I didn't notice either :roll:


I must say that most of the font colours you can pick are unreadable.

We need some better ones - hot pink, bright purple & emerald green,please :P


Or.....if you could also change the background colour so the fonts stand out more (I have seen this on other forums & it works well)

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Sorry, but there are no plans to change anything else to do with the appearance of the forum. The forum has an Omlet style and both the UK and US styles are now consistant.


The software upgrade at the weekend will add various improved Admin features, and perhaps some additional user features (if I have time to fit them in).

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I'd like to be able to set my font colour in my profile please.


grd - Sorry - not possible.


Well, I changed mine :?


Do you just mean your signature Lesley or have you changed it so that everytime you post something, it's in blue? If so, how have you done that then perhaps Ginette can do the same thing with violet?

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