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Some of you know that today is our chicken anniversary! :lol: To mark this very important occasion Andy and I penned the following poem (yes he wrote it with me, he is just as silly :lol: as I am!!) we don’t claim to be the next poets laureate, we just had a bit of fun! Hope you all like it!

Leanne and Andy :lol:



Ode to Omlet



The eighth of June, two thousand and four

A van pulled up at our front door

“The Omlet van, its here, its here!�

Now we cant believe its been a whole year!


Two little hens peeped out at us

As we waited, excited and nervous

As Johannes got the eglu ready

We cannot claim our nerves were steady!


A little brown chicken, and a shiny black hen

Were ushered into their eglu pen

After three days in the run we let them run out

And smiled as they happily scratched all about!


Many happy days have passed since then

Out in the garden, not confined to a pen

We learned how to care for our dear little chooks

Hands-on experience you don’t find in books!


And as for the eggs they are simply the best

Once you’ve tasted home-laid, you forget all the rest

The ultimate fast-food yet wholesome and pure

Eat one of our eggs and you’ll come back for more!


Our little hens really opened our eyes

To healthier food and much ‘greener’ lives

All hens deserve care- no battery cage here

Just freedom and love, with no pain or fear


For Betty and Ruby the future is bright

Sun-shiny days and fox-safe at night

Two happy hens , spared a dire prison cage

Who’ll live happy lives until their natural old age!

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What a lovely poem and an inspired way to mark the special occasion, I love it! :D

My ambition aged nine was to be Poet Laureate, and have a big family. Still holding out to be 1st female with that title!

You and Andy could be the 1st co-writers, wouldn't that be great? 8)


Congratulations on the first year of chickenkeeping :D:D:D

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thanks sheila! we've enjoyed every minute! :lol: as this is the first forum anniversary, as well as ours, we wanted to mark the occasion and thought a poem was a good idea. it'll be interesting to see how all the upcoming anniversaries of other forum-ers are celebrated.i know everyone here is chicken mad, so no doubt they'll be some interseting ideas. cant wait to read about them! :lol:

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