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cor im a bit hot

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9.10am and already it is like Death Valley in the garden.


Have draped an old duvet cover over the Eglu to provide more shade and have then watered it liberally. Will repeat as necessary to try to keep the girls cool.


We'll see if it works.


Am having an extension to the run deliverd later today.

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now a punt on the river - it sounds good - but only if there are plenty of young elegant men in stripey blazers and straw boaters and loads of pimms :D


Pimms, yes - but bioinformaticians* don't seem to do elegant :( Also, the trip is 11am-3ish - hottest part of the day! I'd rather be here keeping an eye on my girls (sad or what?) :lol:




* geneticists-cum-computer geeks

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