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The Managing Director

oops, now we are 8!!!

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Hi folks just though I had to update you all on the new members of the madhouse and thought someone better explain before Murdo puts 'Daisy the cow' on his signature and you think we've done a Lesley. :)


firstly should just mention that when Murdo told me he had ordered a purple eglu without any consultation he hadn't :o:o I thought it very unlikely he could make that sort of decision all on his own as I'm sure all of you did and in fact the purple eglu is still not ordered although it will be soon !! :wink:


So yesterday we had a family outing to Nibley bird farm, and when I say family I mean it as we had 2 cousins and the sister in law along to help us choose the new girls, this sadly meant there wasn't room in the car for Flint who was a bit put out! :(


and now we are the proud owners of two lovely new girls :)


here is Daisy the sussex star (who Murdo insists be known as Daisy the cow for reasons that are quite beyond me :oops: )




and clever Daisy perhaps offended at being called Daisy the cow laid her first egg for us today.


and this is Sorrel the heritage skyline who should lay blue eggs and is the image of Briar




they are both lovely and Daisy is really easy going although Sorrel is a touch flighty, we were a bit worried about introducing them to the rest of the gang as they are replacing Rosie which means sharing with Willow who some of you will remember can be a bit mean, in fact after an initial squabble they are fine and Willow actuallly protected Daisy when Blossom attacked her


So today has been spent pretty much entirely watching chickens and asking ourselves quite how we come to have 8 of them, my nephew and niece are I think a little perplexed at the family obsession with feathered friends they aren't even impressed we can tell the weight of an egg to within a gram sometimes just by looking at it and they didn't share our delight that we had felt Daisys pelvic bones this morning and announced we thought she might already be in lay,


anyway just wanted to share our new arrivals with you all

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Very nice indeed! I was tempted by one of the lovely new hybrids, but decided in the end that bantams were more in scale with our bijou garden :lol:


I don't blame you for spending ages watching them - they can be so restful (recent antics on this forum not withstanding!) 8)

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