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why won't they go in the eglu!

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I have had 2 new chickens for about a month now. All 4 are getting on well. But at night my 2 new ones have decided to sleep on the eglu run rather than going in to the eglu! :roll: I have to go out and pull them off, then post them through the eggport.

For the last few nights mabel has decided to join them and then last night margo thought it was a great idea too! :?

Does anyone have any tips on how to get them to go into the eglu rather than sleeping on the run?

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Don't ask me - my new bantams haven't ventured inside the eglu at all yet, and I haven't tried to force them since they get so noisy when upset :(


It's been very humid lately - maybe they're finding it a bit stuffy with 4 of them crowded in an eglu?

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Could be the hot weather.... but you might want to check that you haven't got any little nasties living on the ends of your wooden rungs in the Eglu: Chickens would avoid the area if possible if you have visitors!

Just lift out the rungs and have a look to see if there are any tiny crawlers. If so, they are easy to treat, but your hens would need de-lousing too, just in case.

Here's a link for you, just in case it turns out to be the case.....



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The bantams finally went into our eglu yesterday evening :)


I don't know whether it's because they have properly settled into their pecking order with Migsy, or whether the brief but torrential rain in Cambridge had anything to do with it!

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I don't have any problem with them going into the eglu at night, they just did it from the start. However if they have been free ranging and need to get them in quickly I throw something yummy - sweet corn,cooked pasta, bread, seeds into the run and they are practically fighting to get through the door. Think I have particularly greedy chucks but it does work. :D

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I do the same Jane. I now have my chooks (well most of them) trained to come when I whistle, so they come running and I chuck some corn in the run for them to follow in. Lucille usually manages to lose the plot somewhere along the line and need hauling out of a flower bed and putting in the run. but it's usually pretty painless.

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Try whistling or making the same noise to them each time you give them treats, then they will associate that noise with nice things and come when you make it. It's very handy :D

Mine come running/flying when they hear the back door opening-whatever reason I have for opening it :roll:


Ginger and Gracie come hurtling towards me if I call "chickens", wish I'd thought of whistling first though - the neighbours already think I'm mad, so the fact they can hear me calling chickens confirms it.

:lol: My neighbour shouts ocasionally* at (well Katy) to be quiet, but I think she's only noisy when I go out :wink:


* and shouts a lot in general so we don't worry about noise

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Yer I have,if you open the back door of the eglu bit and they will think there getting out and then quickly close the door so they Can't get out then close the door going into the run so they stay in the eglu.







Samantha GNR!egg! Been pecked a little bit

Miranda GNR not laying been pecked a lot

Karrie GNR!eggcream! pecking s and m

Charlotte GNR!eggspeck! Pecking s and m

Need more :!:


I've got a !gogreen!

And a dalamtion dog and fish

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