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Final countdown for the 19th and Jane Howorth is coming!

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Well the 19th is looming and I've heard from Omlet HQ that the menu is about to be announced! :D No chicken :wink: and all free range eggs of course! They need to get the final numbers soon so please contact them on the gifts section of the website (in the shop) OR you can call and order your tickets on the Omlet number. 8)


A final reminder that this 'do' is not just for very regular forum users or old timers like me :wink: It's for all of you! :P


You'll meet forum members who don't look like their avatars :lol: and the Omlet guys :D


Come along and have fun :lol: and find out why we all got chickens and everything else in between,bbq, bar :P and live music too! :P So just let Omlet know if you are coming (we can add you to the list if you tell a mod)and order those tickets. Oh and you can also support the BHWT and buy from the Omlet shop! :P :


Miss it , miss out :wink:


Hope to see you there!



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I was just going to buy a ticket as we have re-arranged things and I can come - but then I'd have to reveal that I am a fat bird wearing blue and pink :roll::lol:


Hurrah!!!!!! 8):D Great news. lesley I will slap you when I see you...if I dare :shock::wink::lol::lol::lol:


Added you both to the list, any other members of the family like Jazz or a dexter :wink:



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The menu looks great :D

Sadly after weeks of dithering- I so want to come, it sounds like a great night, we've had to make the sensible decision and decide against it. We've only just got back from our holiday and our budget has been ever so slightly stretched :oops::oops::oops: and I simply can't justify the expense as we'd need to get a hotel overnight (I do know about the camping option, but we don't own a tent and nothing, no not even an Omlet bash, will tempt me to go out and buy one :roll: ), also with petrol prices going up and up the way they are doing the night would probably cost us £45 for tickets, £50-ish for accomodation, £40 for a tank of petrol, then any other expenses. I am so disappointed, but I can't justify that much expense right now :(

I'm quite fed up as the reason we're stuck financially is because hubby and children all spent a lot of money learning to scuba dive on our holiday, and exceeded my carefully budgetted monthly spending plan, so they all got what they wanted :roll: . But there you go, they all loved it and they've all acquired an important new skill, so it's probably going to have been worth every penny.

Now if only I could find a bank to rob :shock::lol::lol::lol::lol:

I'll be thinking of you though as it sounds like a really great evening :D

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Kate, the 2 of us can sit here on the forum, have a glass of wine and pretend we are there!




We can open the Bar for the night, and if you're lucky, I may sing you a song! :wink::lol:

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(And I'll be very discreet when it comes to putting in the ear plugs Shona- I'd hate to offend you when you're kind enough to volunteer to sing :lol::lol::lol: )




But.....but.......I'm a good singer.... :cry::cry::cry:

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