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Did Ya miss me!!

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Sorry not to been here much lately, life very busy. I've had the idea to try and get on for just half an hour per day, will have to very disciplined, that way I'll keep up. :wink: Sorry to those of you who had a crisis and yippee to those of you who had something good happen :D:D

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I also noticed that Red hasn't posted for a while. Is she still the proud owner of an empty Eglu, or did she get her chickens? I kept reading her posts to find out what she was going to get, but then she seemed to stop posting :( . Perhaps she's been busy, and will update us when she's got some news :)

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Welcome back Trish - were you and Sheila up to no good together? :?:shock: She was missing as well!
:shock::D:D:DWent clubbing in Leeds, Lesley 8)8):wink:


I've just had the most brilliant :idea:

I'll get my son to remix "Do the Funky Chicken"!! Think about it; it would really sound good. (Well, better remixed than it was before, I mean!)Remember, you heard it here 1st! Now you won't get that tune out of your heads :D:D


Of course we missed you Trish!! Assumed hectic life takes over. Good luck with the half hour idea, I'm trying it too but its harder than it sounds! Welcome back :D:D


Yes, I wondered about Sammi. Also, I pm'd Red a while back, noticing her abscence but no reply :cry:

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