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Bargain alert - free pashmina!!!

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Couldn't resist sharing this with you all.


I have just been to Tesco,where they have promo twin packs of the new Comfort fabric conditioner (sweet almond/Jojoba) which comes with a lovely free pashmina in the pack.

Its in either chocolate brown or a shimmery cream,& is large,fringed & gorgeously silky :P

The pack is the same price as buying them seperately


I got one of each - a girl can never have too many pashminas (or feather boas 8):wink: )

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Thanks for this topic, Cinnamon :D


I bought my pack today from Tesco, I opted for just the one box even though they had plenty. I chose the darker coloured pashmina, it is a lovely deep coffee colour and VERY large, at least six feet long by over two feet deep and very soft and fine, and I am keeping it for myself :D


For those of you still looking for these, they are probably not with the fabric conditioners, I found mine at the end of an aisle where the promotional items are. Hope everyone finds them :D

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My son was reading the title of this thread, and asked whether a pashmina was a breed of chickens :lol::lol:


He was quite disappointed when I told him :(


karen x

:lol::lol::lol: Free chickens...........? Might make a few of us a bit more inclined to venture into a Tesco store!

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