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Today's the day!!!

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Well, at about 2pm i'm due to become the proud owner of 2 hens... Doris and Gladys... it occured to me last night that the surnames of the too famous vegetarians i named 'em after go together (Doris) DAY and (Gladys) KNIGHT!!!

Can't believe i didn't spot it straight away lol

i've bought my marmite and sweetcorn ready for their arrival.. but i just wondered.. as they are organicly reared hens, should i be feeding them non organic stuff.. the sweetcorn is organic (buy one get one free at tesco at the mo') lol

i shall post again latter and (if i can find my cable) put a pic or 2 of the girls! wish me luck! :D:shock::?

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good luck Gary.


Re organic/non-organic. It won't make a difference to your hens' health if they get the odd non-organic treat. It just means that if you were to sell the eggs you couldn't describe them as organic, and as for eating them yourselves, well what goes in affects what comes out. Obviously if you only eat organic food yourself then you'll want to be careful with the hens' diet so their eggs will fit into your organic diet. Some of us watching our hearts give our girls an Omega 3 rich diet so we get eggs that are high in Omega 3. If you are organic yourself as much as reasonably possible then if the majority of your hens' diet is a good quality layers mash/pellets that is organic, gm free or whatever you choose, then they'll be healthy and the eggs will be wonderful :D

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Hey, good luck Gary :wink:


We've only had Marmalade and Matilda for 1 month but thinking of you receiving your girls ( triffic names by the way ) has reminded me of the day we got them :? we were a bit nervous to say the least!


Now we can't imagine life without them and they have settled in beautifully :D





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Good luck Gary - you must be with them now as it's past 2pm.


It's funny, as we named ours before we got them, but we find ourselves calling them 'Dyson' and 'Hoover' these days due to their 'vacuum' like tendancies!


Hope you are having lots of fun Gary - you'll begin to wonder how you can get so attached to a couple of feather things after a very short while. Ours are definatly part of the family now.


Best Wishes. :D

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Well they arrived as planned and the guy from Omlet fit it all up for us and gave us loads of advice. They settled in well eating grass as soon as they were put in the run. Everything was fine till the dogs went in the garden an hour or so later. dylan the golden retriever got very excited running round the run, by the time i got hold of him they were in the eglu and didn't come out for an hour or two. we eventualy tempted them out by picking one up and the other czme out on her own. after a few pecks at some sweet corn they went bavk to bed. we had just had a storm so it was quite dark so maybe thats why they still in the eglu. hope the dog hasn't put the fear of god into them.... i do dislike dylan sometimes arghhhhhhhh.

so, not alot to tell realy as they have taken to their beds for most of the day. managed to get a few pics a few mins ago and will try and post em later.

thaks for the words of support.

i'm happy to have them... but a little sad the day was spoilt by the dog making them hide.

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Just seen the pics, lovely girls :) Which is Doris, and which is Gladys?

With any luck Dylan's just a bit over-excited, not sure what to make of the intruders into the garden :roll: I hope they all settle down together OK. It won't be long and you'll be feeling as if you've had them forever :) And tucking into the freshest, best tasting eggs you've ever had :):)

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Hi gary,


Our chickens were very cautious when we first had them due to our cat finding great amusment in stalking them when they were free-ranging.


After only a few days, she soon got used to them being around and they now happily share the garden and sometimes the run together. If the cat shows any signs of playfulness, the chickens can definatly hold their own and show her who's boss.


I'm sure Dylan will get used to them and become bored with chasing them after a while. Keep talking to the girls and they'll soon get used to things.

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What sort is Doris?

Doris is a Ginger Nut Ranger... not very ginger tho' lol


Today the girls seemed better. when i opened the door this morning they came out and had a bit of sweet corn.

Tonight they were sat outside when we got home but went in when they saw us, but again came out when we tempted them with sweet corn.

Dylan is still sniffing but when they are in the eglu he isn't intersted.. to be honest he's so thick that he probly thinks they have gone... lol

I feel alot more optimistic today and want to say thanks for all the posts of support. Cheers all!!! :D

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:P Gorgeous pics .. looked at them yesterday .... The GNR , is not very ginger .. but may just be showing more phenotypes of the other side of her hybrid. :wink: .


Glad they are settling in .. don't be too hard on Dylan, after all he is a handsome retreiver. :wink: .

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