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My chickens and the BBC!

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Well my purple eglu and two chickens have arrived this morning! Many many thanks to Johannes for bringing them up especially for me - I also had a film crew from The One Show on the BBC and Rajesh Merchandani for 3 whole hours!!! The girls were great - they seemed to have settled really well and seemed quite calm despite various takes. Still cant quite decide on names though the kids favour Tikka and Masarla. You can see the film on Thursday evening (unless they change their minds again!) on The One Show, BBC1 6.55pm



I will post some pics if I can work out how!

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(Changed it to link to the photos for you, as I have no idea how to get the photos on!)


Why are the film crew suited up in chemical protection gear??!



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They did turn up :shock:


they have only just left! the poor things must have had a very bizarre day! I was so nervous I rambled on aboout all sorts of things with a stupid grin on my face :oops:


OH took some photo's so I'll try and do something with them later, just at the moment I need a glass of wine :wink:


karen x

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