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Organic Life FREE for a year!

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I am now launching a Christmas Fundraiser...A years Subscription to Organic Life Magazine :D


Want to win?


From Sept 1st if you donate £5.00 or more you will be entered into the draw to win the magazine for a year. The Closing date will be December the 7th 2006 and Jimmy Doherty, Jimmy's Farm, will draw the winner at the Christmas Market on the 9th!


Important, you must Pm if you donate and send chqs to


Edit- Chqs payable to 'The Battery hen Welfare Trust' please


Jane Howorth

North Parks



Ex18 7EJ


Mark the envelope Omlet Xmas please


Come on guys, lovely magazine and good cause too!


Buff xxx


List for the Draw




Martin (to pay)



Debs for Ginette




Karen and Co


Please let me know if you have sent a donation and aren't on the list. Jimmy will draw the winner on the 9th!



Hi Buff Can I just add that if you go the the Battery Hen website (www.thehenshouse.co.uk) and click on donations you can download a form for gift aid - that means the charity can recover the tax on all your donations - about £1.40 on every £5 you donate.

It doesnt matter if you have allready donated - just fill in the form and it will cover all your donations from April 2000 and all future donations.


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